Radical Open Innovation News week 28-2020

Welcome to our selection of business IT innovation news. Created using our own opinionated selection and summary algorithm. We present some top innovation news items to get you thinking, debating and take action in order to make our world better.

1 Produce your own physical chips. For free.

The barriers for creating your own chipset were high. Too high. This project supported by Google can really cause a flood of innovations. And it is open by default. So a dream has come true for the FOSSi Foundation.


2 Problem Solving Methods Library

Problem Solving Methods (PSMs) are key for solving complex problems. We maintain an opinionated collection of open publications that help with solving complex problems.


3 FinOps Will Drive Efficiency for DevOps

The FinOps Foundation has grown significantly since its inception back in February 2019. The FinOps Foundation focuses on codifying and promoting cloud financial management best practices and standards to help the community. The FinOps Foundation brings to bear the resources required to enable innovation inside the organization and will work together to define cloud financial management standards and advance the ubiquity of this discipline across industries.

(Linux Foundation)

4 Five Ways To Prioritize Better

In short, working on better things, in better ways is … prioritization. Working in better ways means they carefully choose to do the most important actions to accomplish those goals. You’re really just trying to get a better sense of how you intuitively value each of these. What do you think?


5 Addressing Open Architecture in Software Cost Estimation

This post describes SEI efforts to control cost overruns and reduce costs over the system’s active lifetime by including open systems architecture considerations. Planners typically estimate costs via modelling and simulation tools, such as the Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO II).

(Software Engineering Institute)

6 A New Direction in Firefighting Systems

Recent huge technological development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can provide breakthrough means of fighting wildland fires. We propose an innovative forest firefighting system based on the use of a swarm of hundreds of UAVs able to generate a continuous flow of extinguishing liquid on the fire front, simulating the rain effect.


7 The Lost History of One of the World’s Strangest Science Experiments

Nothing beats learning from failures. And since you cannot and should not make every mistake yourself, learn from others.


8 Open governance: It’s all about community

Open governance is the best approach to developing open source software. Good article from IBM, so hopefully IBM will follow this also for their own open source projects.


9 COVID-19: 3 ways businesses can find growth opportunities during the crisis

The intense innovation activity ignited by the global pandemic shows that some elephants can dance when they must. Companies are moving faster and taking bigger risks than could have been imagined a few months ago. A nice visual on digital transformation and its impact makes you should take a look at this article.


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