Radical Open Innovation News week 30-2020

Welcome to our biweekly selection of business IT innovation news. Created using our own opinionated selection and summary algorithm. We present some top innovation news items to get you thinking, debating and take action in order to make our world better.

1 Argument Maps

Argument mapping is producing “boxes and arrows” diagrams of reasoning, especially complex arguments and debates. Argument mapping improves our ability to articulate, comprehend and communicate reasoning, thereby promoting critical thinking. Check it out, it is an open project.


2 Meet the man trying to automate Thailand’s hospitals

Sensing the urgency. Since the pandemic began, hospitals around the world have adopted robots for everything from cleaning hospital wards to allowing patients to socialize with friends and family while quarantined.


3 Continuous business IT innovation

If you do nothing regarding business IT innovation you will face major IT challenges. Business IT innovation comes with a lot of challenges. If you invest too little in business IT innovation your customers will leave since your competitors (current or new) will innovate. But when you develop new products, services or business models: Problems will occur.


4 Microsoft Inspire 2020: Empowering partners to make more possible

Unfortunate not everything Microsoft creates is open, but openness is more and more in the DNA of Microsoft. Nice link with a lot resources for inspiration for innovation from Microsoft. If you want to get an quick update on all innovations of Microsoft: this is your link.


5 Sustainability needs culture change. Introducing Environmental Champions.

In launching Mozilla‘s Sustainability Programme, our Environmental Champions are a key part of driving this organisational culture change. Any transformation towards sustainability also needs culture change. Recruiting, training, and working with a first cohort of Environmental Champions has been a highlight of my job in the last couple of months. It’s time we unlocked them.” She is planning to develop and apply a Sustainability Impact Assessment Tool that will be used in decision-making around product design and development.

(Mozilla BLOG)

6 What New Normal Should We Create?

In 1947, behavioral psychologist Kurt Lewin proposed a process model of change that denoted three stages: unfreezing, change, and refreezing. Usually unfreezing is slow and time consuming, but the COVID-19 pandemic has effectively thawed social and professional spheres of life in a matter of months. The first requisite step is to create the conditions for change and unfreeze. Our educational system.** The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed how intertwined economic activity is to educational structures: People cannot go back to work until their kids go back to school. The high volatility in demand and supply brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the constraints of this business model; some hospitals were overwhelmed while others were put out of business.

(MIT Sloan Management Review)

7 Six innovations to tackle coronavirus

From bioluminescent testing kits to disinfecting robots, Horizon examines six innovations and technologies currently being developed to tackle the coronavirus.

(EU Reseach & Innovation)

8 How open source development provides a roadmap for digital trust, security, safety, and virtual work

Open source software development by its very nature happens, and thrives, amongst a distributed group around the world. Standards development is a collaboration that can happen with open source implementations, often trailing an open source implementation, open source software development has turned conventional standards development upside down — and inside out. We’ve also seen the medical industry and open source coming together to solve problems, such as an OpenLung project. It’s always been a critical skill needed to work on any open source project — we’re ready to meet the challenges of this moment.

(Linux Foundation)

9 Science innovations power Alexa Conversations dialogue management

Interesting news on dialogue management for Alexa Conversations. AWS is not providing openness on all aspects, but the scientific papers are free for everyone to read.


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