Solving Problems Together

Welcome to our Radical Open Innovation platform! We are an open collaboration and knowledge platform.

To create value within complex open innovation networks this platform is organized around three central themes: Management Innovation, IT Innovation and Problem Solving Methods. These central themes are briefly outlined below. Make sure to check our current running open innovation projects. If you want to learn more about products and knowledge created our central themes, see our section publications or contact us.

Everyone can join our open innovation platform. No strings attached! See our directory of companies with a open mind who also like learning, sharing and creating value together.

blackcatManagement Innovation

Within the management innovation theme the core focus is on understanding new and improve models for management. New management paradigms involve new ways to look at building new organizational forms to create new ways to  create innovative products and create new value streams.

michelangeloDigital Innovation

Information Technology (IT) is a broad and relatively new landscape. New hardware and software combinations make things possible that we could never have imagined ten years ago. Software that automates our work almost completely and improves our lives on global scale is still rather new.  Due to the advantages with new digital technologies new products have been introduced that already changed the lives of many people on earth.

africaProblem Solving Methods

Solving real complex problems requires broadening your perspective both in space and time. But since we live in a complex world problem solving requires advanced system tools and new methods and methodologies to design new solutions. Problem solving itself is a real tangible problem. Many methods and methodologies are available, but choosing the right approach can still be a long and difficult journey. When you face budget constrain, safety issues and real time constrains why not ask for help by one of companies in our network for extra problem solving capabilities?