The Business Management Support Foundation offers various support services to enable business innovation projects. Our focus is on innovation, so not just invention or design. Innovation includes in our view not only science and R&D (research and development), but also the adoption and implementation of new technologies, the development of new skills and learning-by-doing new things. As such, innovation may depend on complex organizational, institutional and cultural factors. Consequently, our research and innovation programs are inter-disciplinary involving e.g. economics, business management, history and sociology aspects.

The Business Management Support Foundation offers a fast, flexible, and cost-effective way to form and run special projects and programs. We arrange groups, consortia or networks to make programs successful. We provides an infrastructure that meets the legal requirements to develop solid solutions. All our services are available for all types of organizations.

Innovation & Research Services

Innovation and research activities include the hosting of open innovation and other collaborative projects, for which we can also provide project management, technical resources and infrastructure services. In addition, our research and innovation team can provide assistance to find you for you the needed resources from our network.

Solution Services

The BM-Support Foundation is aimed to solve problems by using applied research from system sciences. Our researchers, consultants and alliance partners cover a very diverse spectrum of knowledge of business and IT related problems. The solution services we provide vary from quality improvement projects to implementing new innovative projects within your organisation.

Educational Services

The BM-Support Foundation is aimed at collecting, creating and sharing knowledge. We do this by organizing conferences, workshops and courses.

More information on our services and vision can be found here.