Questions & Answers

What is open collaboration?

We define open collaboration as:

A way to collaborate without central coordination where all participants have equal rights.
So decentralized by default. Participants can be: Individuals, SME’s, Enterprises and (governmental) foundations

What does the BM-Support Foundation do?

We enable open collaboration and stimulate open innovation projects. This so companies together can more easily find mind-like companies and partners for growth and knowledge sharing.

How is the Foundation funded?

We really on on (private)donations, sponsorship (resources) and gifts. If you like to support our foundation by housing open summits or compute resources, please contact us.

How can I start an open innovation project?

Just start by asking help. We recommend that you start to search in our [company directory] for mind like open companies that in potential could collaborate with you in various stages of your innovation process. Some companies in our open company directory have a lot of experience with getting you started with your open innovation  project.

Do you collect a mailing list of all companies present in your Open Companies Directory?

No. Period. If you like to contact a company just find out the relevant contact information by clicking on a company website.

Collecting contact information brings costs and risks. There is also no use for collecting information centrally, since real open innovation is by design de-central what means that a central mailing list is odd. Communication for various projects is not controlled by the foundation.

What is Radical Open Innovation?

Radical Open Innovation means that the core open company principles are the foundation for driving open innovation. By design Radical Open Innovation is decentralized and is aimed at sustainable value creation.

I need serious help with a complex challenge!

If you need support on your innovation challenge, you should look for the right partner on the open company directory page. Open companies have the tedious property that they like to help you! Sometimes even with no cost involved.