How to Join this open innovation network?

If your company is committed to openness and you agree with the open company principles than join us! Joining is simple, just send an email to info[at]bm-support [dot]org.

Please mention:

  • Your company name + website link.
  • A very short description of your company.
  • The country where your company is active.

We do our utmost best to keep the list valuable and up-to-date. So update us if changes are needed.

You don’t need our permission to qualify your company as an open company! Just send a mail and you will be added to Open Company Directory.

Joining this open network is free. No strings attached!

It is a decentralized network by design. You decide if, how, when and with whom you want to collaborate. There is no central governance.

The best way for creating value is learning and sharing. So we initiate various initiatives (on-line and off-line) for collaborative learning and value creation. Preferred of course together with mind-like foundations or organizations. Since we do not keep a mailing list, just look out for announcements on this site for new initiatives and meet-ups.

Joining our Open Company Directory gives you the following direct benefits:

  • Increase your company profile as open company.
  • Increase the chances for mind-like companies to collaborate with you.
  • Increase the opportunities to be ask for joining an real open innovation project.
  • Soliciting Ideas and search for collaborators for your open innovation project on our Real Open Innovation platform site.
  • Be part of a vibrant open community that strives for value creation in a sustainable way.