Real open innovation means that everyone can start and join a project.  Since open innovation is decentralized by design there is only one way to get your project on this list.  Mail us so we list your open innovation project here! And maybe an open company will contact you to help you.

blackcatFree and Open Machine Learning

Goal of this project: Creating better knowledge for applying machine learning technologies in a more simple way (tools, methods, processes). The result of this project will be shared by one or several open publications.

This project is still in an early stage,  you are invited to join the project and start contributing. Or benefit and use this work in progress and click  here!

dancingArchitecture Playbook

Goal of this project:  Creating a practical resource to create  IT architectures better and faster. The Open Architecture Playbook project is all about creating better and faster (IT)Architecture Documents. Tools, templates and more for solving your IT problems using architecture tools that work!

Link to the project : or

Open Reference Architecture for Security and Privacy

Goal of this project: Collecting open (OSS) tools and open design rules to improve security and privacy architectures and  designs in general.

Link to the project :