Problem Solving Methods Library

Problem Solving Methods (PSMs) are key for solving complex problems. We maintain an opinionated collection of open publications that help with solving complex problems. E.g. your radical open innovation challenge.

Problem Solving Methods

A short summary of what systems thinking and system dynamics is. Included are crucial links to (free) core system dynamics tools to get started.


Development Impact & You

A great toolkit of NESTA, loaded with tools to attack all your innovation problems!


Applied Thinking for Intelligence Analysis

The insights and techniques detailed in this publication are not limited to the world of intelligence but are broadly applicable, making it a useful reference for anyone involved in decision making and analysis.


A compendium of innovation methods

A great overview of Nesta of innovation methods for (digital) innovation. Use this open publication to apply it to your problems.


Systems Innovation Toolkit

The Systems Innovation Toolkit is a process and set of tools for enabling systems-level change within complex organizations. This toolkit is designed as an aid for systems innovators to tackle wicked problems.



A knowledge-sharing organization systematically learns from its mistakes and builds on its successes. Read this great handbook to become better.


Complexity Theory

A Field Guide to Complex Systems. A great simple to read guide on what complexity is with an introduction on the key features to complex systems.


This opinionated list of open (Creative Commons licensed ) resources contains valuable information for solving complex problems. Never stop learning. Never stop sharing. If you are aware of a great open access resource for solving nowadays complex innovation problems, send us a tip.