Radical Open Innovation News week 41-2022

Welcome to our selection of business IT innovation news. Created using our own opinionated selection and summary algorithm. We present some top innovation news items to get you thinking, debating and take action in order to make our world better.

1 Why Doesn’t Software Show Up in Productivity?

This is a great article on management innovation. Software is (Mostly) a Management Technology. Using software to operate our economic processes means putting huge portions of complex human life into code. While software improves through better tooling and faster hardware, the problems left to solve have steeply increasing complexity to reward ratios.


2 Software, Not Hardware, Will Drive Quantum and Neuromorphic Computing

Real working stable hardware for quantum computing is still in development. But it will be created. But software is a key component for any quantum computer. Without software and good SDKs no real innovation is possible, despite the hardware capabilities.


3 The Materials Project

The Materials Project provides open access to information on known and predicted materials as well as powerful analysis tools to inspire and design novel materials. A great project that empowers innovation. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to drastically reduce the time needed to invent new materials by focusing costly and time-consuming experiments on compounds that show the most promise computationally.


4 How To Win At Risk By Using Systems Thinking

We love systems thinking news bites. Systems thinking is vital for open innovation. This article outlines some key principles behind systems thinking. More and better resources are of course available on our site.


5 Big breakthrough for ’massless’ energy storage

Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology have produced a battery that performs ten times better. It contains carbon fibre that serves simultaneously as an electrode, conductor, and load-bearing material. Their latest research breakthrough paves the way for essentially ’massless’ energy storage in vehicles and other technology.


6 Harnessing wind energy with kites to create renewable electricity

Innovation and learning means dealing with the reality of failed projects. Without failures no progress can be made. Sharing failures so others can learn is vital for a real healthy open innovation community. The Makani project is an example to learn from. Makani aimed to enable more people around the world to have access to clean, affordable wind power by developing energy kites, an airborne wind energy technology that used a wing tethered to a ground station, to efficiently harness energy from the wind.


7 Open Sustainable Technology

Do not reinvent a wheel. Radical open innovation is also possible when reusing an existing idea and make it better or working. This open list is a must known list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, and natural resources. Use this list before inventing an already tried idea. Great project. Make use of it when you are working on project for Sustainable Technology. A great example project that shows that openness is needed for faster and better progress for a way towards a better planet.


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