Radical Open Innovation News week 43-2018

Welcome to our weekly selection of digital innovation news. Based on our opinionated always changing automated token based selection algorithm we present some top innovation news to get you thinking, debating and collaboration on making our world better.

1 How Microsoft is putting data and AI at the center of financial services industry transformation

Transforming these challenges into business opportunities is an imperative for financial services firms and central to success. Solution providers that are core to many financial institutions today are also enabling intelligent industry transformation with data and AI, and they’re choosing Microsoft platforms to power their technologies. The financial services industry is at an inflection point. We are laser-focused on building the best cloud for business, helping financial firms big and small enable intelligent industry transformation with data and artificial intelligence (AI).


2 AI’s Prediction Problem

Prediction can follow later. The Importance of Smoke-Detector Predictability Prediction is more uncertain, difficult, and expensive than detection. And most businesses (to massively understate) are not so well-run that better detection and faster reaction alone aren’t hugely valuable. But, AI, you had me at “detect.” Despite the appeal of prediction, business can get ample value just from improved detection. Although the value may be less for detection than prediction, the ROI can be greater. Smoke detectors don’t predict fires; they alert us immediately when there is one.

(MIT Sloan Management Review)

3 What is Geppetto?

Geppetto is a visualisation and simulation web-based platform for building neuroscience applications. OpenWorm is made up of many sub-projects, “project of the month” is an effort to highlight a different OpenWom sub-project every month.  Projects that currently make use of Geppetto as a platform:  Openworm uses Geppetto as an integration platform for the output of various of its subprojects, from connectome browsing to replaying of integrated electrophysiology and fluid dynamics simulations  Open source brain uses Geppetto to share, visualize and simulate neuronal models, both for individual neurons and networks  like Virtual fly brain .


4 Firefox 63 Lets Users Block Tracking Cookies

More specifically, it prevents trackers from following users around from site to site and collecting information about their browsing habits. The Storage Access API is also implemented in Safari and is a proposed addition to the HTML specification. For this reason, we’ve added heuristics to Firefox to automatically grant time-limited storage access under certain conditions.

(Mozilla security Blog)

5 Powering our customers: the innovation story behind Microsoft’s earnings

On the partnership front this past quarter, Microsoft joined with Adobe and SAP to launch the Open Data Initiative. Microsoft’s first quarter earnings show that we continue to gain momentum with enterprise customers across industries and solution areas.  They demonstrate how digital transformation can bring together people, data and processes in a way that generates value and competitive advantage. These customers recognize the advantage of having a consistent computing stack from the cloud to the edge — and they are not alone.


6 Systems Innovation Toolkit

The Systems Innovation Toolkit is a set of tools for enabling systems-level change within complex organizations, it is designed to enable organizations of all kind to transform how they both think and operate. It brings together in an accessible way key ideas from complexity thinking and applies them to enabling systems-level change. Systems innovation is a practical activity, this toolkit should be seen as a guide book and not a finished solution. This toolkit is created by Complexity Labs.

(Download the Toolkit)

7 Benjamin Mako Hill: Why organizational culture matters for online groups

There is increasing evidence that growth in many online communities today involves newcomers arriving in groups with previous experience together in other communities. First, when planning mergers, groups can strategically select other groups with similar organizational culture. Leaders and scholars of online communities tend of think of community growth as the aggregate effect of inexperienced individuals arriving one-by-one. To better understand mergers, my student Charlie Kiene spent six months in 2017 conducting ethnographic participant observation in two World of Warcraf t raid guilds planning and undergoing mergers. This basic insight is supported by a body of research about organizational culture in firms but seem to have not made it onto the radar of most members or scholars of online communities.

(Planet Ubuntu)

8 Is this a turning point for publishing?

Compared to advertising, adtech is ugly. Look up best ads of all time. In fact it can ‘t exist without tracking people. (Note: while all adtech is programmatic , not all programmatic advertising is adtech. Programmatic and interactive advertising will both survive the adtech crash.) Adtech spies on people and violates their privacy. Tracking-based advertising can ‘t do that. (For more on this, read Don Marti, starting here.)  Advertising sponsors media, and those paid by media. The cognitive overhead for everybody is as close to zero as possible.  Advertising makes brands.

(Doc Searls Weblog)

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