Radical Open Innovation News week 14-2021

Welcome to our selection of business IT innovation news. Created using our own opinionated selection and summary algorithm. We present some top innovation news items to get you thinking, debating and take action in order to make our world better.

1 Owning Your Own Copyrights in Open Source

If you follow the requirements to the letter, you should be safe enough in owning your own time open source code. This article covers several aspects: owning the copyrights you develop outside of your employed time and the more thorny aspect of owning the copyrights in open source projects you work on for your employer. There are no work for hire assumptions about companies you contract for owning your free time, so doing other open source projects is easy. What you should do is list all your current and future (by doing sweeping guesswork) own open source projects.

(James Bottomley’s random Pages)

2 Intellectual Property in Open Projects

What is Intellectual Property in an Open Source Project? Mozilla’s Open Canvas exercise can help identify what an open source project needs beyond code contributions to succeed. For most open source projects, the reality is that IP is held informally by many contributors, requiring coordination of multiple contributors for any action.

(Code for Science & Society)

3 Lyra – enabling voice calls for the next billion users

The Lyra architecture is very similar to traditional audio codecs, which have formed the backbone of internet communication for decades. That’s why in February we introduced Lyra: a revolutionary new audio codec using machine learning to produce high-quality voice calls. As part of our efforts to make the best codecs universally available, we are open sourcing Lyra, allowing other developers to power their communications apps and take Lyra in powerful new directions. This release provides the tools needed for developers to encode and decode audio with Lyra, optimized for the 64-bit ARM android platform, with development on Linux. Our example app integrates with the Android NDK to show how to integrate the native Lyra code into a Java-based android app.

(Google Open Source Blog)

4 What 250 Years of Innovation History Reveals About Our Green Future

A business model is sometimes compared to cell DNA: It hardly changes when the organization is well established. Innovations are happening in buildings, foods, transportation, and industry. All of these are converging into the next (sixth) wave of disruptive innovation. And this wave is clearly on its way. Even mainstream players like the World Economic Forum are now spotting what it calls an “innovation tsunami” that “has the potential to wash over the world’s energy systems.” In a 2018 report it declared, “Anticipation of this tsunami has been a source of tremendous anxiety. Some firms and industries fear survival.


5 When solving life’s problems, people tend to add even when easier to subtract

Recipe not up to snuff? Most people will add ingredients. Essay need work? Most folks will write more words. Whether we’re writing, building or cooking, human beings are driven by a powerful instinct to add rather than subtract, a new study suggests. (Paper or here)


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