Radical Open Innovation News week 47-2018

Welcome to our weekly selection of digital innovation news. Created using our opinionated automated selection algorithm with a twisted text rank summary creator. We present some top innovation news to get you thinking, debating and collaboration on making our world better. 

1 Featuretools: automated feature engineering

“One of the holy grails of machine learning is to automate more and more of the feature engineering process.”  Featuretools is an open source python framework for automated feature engineering. With Featuretools (100% OSS) Feature Labs is changing the way companies create new machine learning products and services.


2 Evilginx2

Evilginx2 is a man-in-the-middle attack framework used for phishing login credentials along with session cookies, which in turn allows to bypass 2-factor authentication protection. This tool is a successor to Evilginx, released in 2017, which used a custom version of nginx HTTP server to provide man-in-the-middle functionality to act as a proxy between a browser and phished website. Present version is fully written in GO as a standalone application, which implements its own HTTP and DNS server, making it extremely easy to set up and use.


3 Toolkits for public sector innovation

Toolkits are a great way to share innovative methods and practices. A plethora of free innovation toolkits, playbooks and guides exist to help people identify, develop and practice necessary skills and apply new ways of reaching an outcome. This Toolkit Navigator, a sort of “meta-toolkit” helps finding the ones best suited to you and your situation.

(Toolkit Navigator)

4 Machine Learning in the Health Care Industry: Homing In on the KPIs That Matter

Within the marketing function, little consensus exists among health care executives around which KPIs matter most for the industry, their organizations, and individual contributors. Of health care companies investing in ML, 82% have this drill-down capacity, compared with only 58% of companies that are not investing. For instance, the desire to protect personal medical record privacy might conflict with the information sharing essential for predictive health care diagnostics. In many large health care organizations, treating patients in a more holistic way requires internal partnerships, technological improvements, and data sharing between functions. To date, machine learning remains a point- solution approach rather than a comprehensive health care platform.

(MIT Sloan Management Review)

5 The science of teaching science

The focus is on enquiry- based science teaching, teacher-directed instruction, adaptive teaching and teacher feedback. The results also show that teacher-directed instruction is a reliable strategy that is positively associated with students’ science outcomes regardless of school climate and resources. This paper explores the relationship between various science teaching strategies and students’ science-related outcomes. The findings show that the negative association between enquiry-based science teaching and science performance is greatly attenuated when lessons are delivered in disciplined science classes. In general, all teaching strategies have the potential to foster enjoyment of and interest in science, and students’ epistemic beliefs, self-efficacy in science and expectations of a career in science.

(OECD Education Working Papers)

6 The future of food production amid global change

When it comes to impacting global change, agriculture cuts both ways. Assessing the risks to and from the agriculture sector — and identifying opportunities for the sector to thrive amid global change — is both urgent and essential. Subject to the vicissitudes of global climate change, population, and economic growth, the cultivation of crops and livestock alters atmospheric concentrations of planet-warming greenhouse gases and ]contributes to pollution of freshwater and coastal areas. The first study found that in the U.S. by midcentury, the impact of climate change on irrigation will severely reduce yields for some crops in certain regions, particularly in the Southwest. Drawing about 100 in-person and online registrants from industry, government, and academia, the conference was the third of the program’s workshop series.

(MIT Reseach)

7  Views on GNU Kind Communication Guidelines and Related Material

I believe that how we say things makes a political statement in itself. * Related to the last point, I am concerned with the conflating of GNU project views with RMS’ personal views. First, I disagree with the decision to reject any Code of Conduct for the GNU project. Traditional Codes of Conduct, particularly those that offer mechanisms for complaint resolution when bad behavior occurs, are necessary in Free Software projects of GNU’s size. I have until now avoided making a public statement about my views on the various interrelated issues regarding the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines that came up over the last month. RMS has insisted for years that people make a clear distinction between open source and free software — for good reason –.

(Bradley M. Kuhn’s Blog)

8 Driving the Next Generation of Vehicles

Autonomous driving technology is creating a transportation revolution — from personal travel, to logistics and delivery — and nowhere is that more apparent than in the world’s largest automotive market. China, which accounts for about one-third of worldwide vehicle sales and produces 24.5 million cars annually, is helping to drive the global transition to autonomous cars.

(NVIDIA Newsroom)

9 Microsoft acquires FSLogix to enhance the Office 365 virtualization experience

Office 365 ProPlus is currently the best Office experience, and, with FSLogix enabling faster load times for user profiles in Outlook and OneDrive, Office 365 ProPlus will become even more performant in multi-user virtual environments (including Windows Virtual Desktop).  The way Microsoft 365 enables customers to shift to a modern desktop experience puts it at the heart of workplace transformation. It is the only cloud-based service that delivers a multi- user Windows 10 experience that is optimized for Office 365 ProPlus.


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