Radical Open Innovation News week 46-2020

Welcome to our biweekly selection of business IT innovation news. Created using our own opinionated selection and summary algorithm. We present some top innovation news items to get you thinking, debating and take action in order to make our world better.

1 Dynamic Capabilities Impact on Innovation: Niche Market And Startups

The purpose of this study is to understand innovation of startups operating in a niche market. Through a review of previous research works, a conceptual model and propositions are developed, where illustration of a company case is used to exemplify this model. It reveals that a research gap exists regarding startups in a niche market with dynamic capabilities and breakthrough innovations as a source of success. This study reflects on the potential relationship between dynamic capabilities and breakthrough innovation of a startup and its subsequent effect on the performance of the startup in a niche market. It has proposed that dynamic capabilities work as a foundation for startup to develop a breakthrough innovation. It also proposed that in a niche market, both core competency and industrial network are crucial for a startup to scaleup, where breakthrough innovation works as a pathway to acquire consumer acceptance.

(Journal of Technology and management)

2 Agile Development for Manufacturers: The Emergent Gating Model

Agile is employed within Stage-Gate for new-product development by manufacturers with positive performance results; but must be adjusted from the software version of Agile – the result: the emergent Agile-Stage-Gate hybrid model.

(Innovation Management)

3 Why indoor lighting is hard to get right and how to fix it

These glasses effectively cut out all of the blue light, in addition to severely reducing overall light transmission. The first problem is that natural light is almost always much brighter than artificial light. First, I will cover some of the research on how our bodies respond to light, and which particular characteristics of natural light we want to mimic. Similarly, some people use therapy lamps in these settings.


4Twenty Years in Online Search

When we look at where desktop search may go in the next 10 years, Tracker itself may not play the biggest role. Unsurprisingly, I’m going to recommend that GNOME continues with Tracker as its search engine and that more projects try it out. It wasn’t the first mainstream semantic search engine — maybe Wolfram Alpha gets that crown — but it was a big change. The way people interact with a search engine is dramatically similar to 20 years ago. The coolest way to integrate this would be via a natural language query engine that would allow searches like "documents yesterday" or "photos from 2017".

(Planet GNOME)

5 General Purpose Technology: The Blockchain Domain

Its potential pervasiveness is increasingly drawing the interest of academics, practitioners, firms, financial institutions, and national governments, who define it as a general purpose technology (GPT). Blockchain is an emerging evolutionary paradigm that is expected to revolutionize existing business models in many industries and impact the world economy and society. Although it may take considerable time to affirm a technology as general, in this phase of the evolution of the blockchain domain, to what extent can it be considered a GPT? By adopting a patent co-classifications analysis, this paper aims at disentangling the blockchain technology structure, evolution, and potential future trends.

(Journal of Business and Management (IJBM))

6 Your Computer Isn’t Yours

It’s here. It happened. Did you notice? On modern versions of macOS, you simply can’t power on your computer, launch a text editor or eBook reader, and write or read, without a log of your activity being transmitted and stored.


7 Reframing the Test Pyramid for Digitally Transformed Organizations

The test pyramid is a conceptual model that describes how quality checks can be organized to ensure coverage of all components of a system, at all scales. Originally conceived to help aerospace engineers plan tests to determine how material changes impact system integrity, the concept was gradually introduced into software engineering. Today, the test pyramid is typically used to illustrate that the majority of tests should be performed at the lowest (unit test) level, with fewer integration tests, and even fewer acceptance tests (which are the most expensive to produce, and the slowest to execute).


8 Digital Transformation: Environmental Friend or Foe?

The advent of digital technologies such as social media, mobile, analytics, cloud computing and internet-of-things has provided unique opportunities for organizations to engage in innovations that are affordable, easy-to-use, easy-to-learn and easy-to-implement. Transformations through such technologies often have positive impacts on business processes, products and services. As such, organizations have managed to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce cycle time and make substantial gains through digital transformation. Such transformations have also been positively associated with reducing harmful environmental impacts by providing organizations alternative ways of undertaking their business activities. However, in recent times, especially with an abundance of technologies being available at near-zero costs, questions regarding the potential negative impacts of digital transformation on the environment have arisen.


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