Radical Open Innovation News week 34-2020

Welcome to our biweekly selection of business IT innovation news. Created using our own opinionated selection and summary algorithm. We present some top innovation news items to get you thinking, debating and take action in order to make our world better.

1 JRNLclub: make new biomedical research papers and talks more accessible

A youtube site for biomedical research talks. Created o increase the reach of research work and help the research community get a better grasp on the literature.


2 Gitenberg is a collaborative, open source community

Gtenberg is a project of the Free Ebook Foundation. Gitenberg is a collaborative, open source community curating and publishing highly usable and attractive ebooks in the public domain. Our books are free to use by anyone for any purpose. They contain detailed metadata and are accessible in a wide variety of formats.


3 Ask the EM: How Can I work Better with My Product Manager, as an Engineering Lead?

A tech lead asks: > _As an engineering lead, I’m struggling to come to a good working > relationship with my product manager. It’s a juggling act in deciding how much capacity to spend on product work, versus maintenance and keeping the lights on. Only share issues that you have already discussed with your product manager. I have yet to see a truly harmonious relationship from the get-go, where both product managers and tech leads or engineering managers felt that everything was going well. The work for product managers and engineering managers is very different.

(The Pragmatic Engineer)

4 Thiel on Progress and Stagnation

So Jeremy Nixon and I have put together an organised presentation of his views on progress and stagnation, in his own words. To a first approximation, the progress in computers and the failure in energy appear to have roughly canceled each other out. It is the same disturbing answer that you’re going to have to figure out your salvation on your own. I believe they are inducing two perspectives on China in the West. It’s that they weren’t allowed to do anything else. I think money and the nature of money is somehow much less important than all the microregulations that make up the economy. And if you don’t get a college diploma that you’re going to go to hell.


5 Changing World, Changing Mozilla

Mozilla exists so the internet can help the world collectively meet the range of challenges a moment like this presents. Over the last while, it has been clear that Mozilla is not structured properly to create these new things — and to build the better internet we all deserve. I desperately wish there was some other way to set Mozilla up for long term success in building a better internet. We’re fortunate that Firefox and Mozilla retain a high degree of trust in the world.

(Mozilla BLOG)

6 Software engineers solve problems

Software engineers solve problems. But remember: as an engineer, your job is to apply creativity to solving problems. A problem you may have encountered is, for example, “this function has a bug”, and you’re probably already more or less comfortable solving these problems. This process of recursively solving problems to get at the one you want to solve is called “yak shaving“, and it’s a necessary part of your workflow.

(Drew DeVault’s Blog)

7 Shaping Open Research and Innovation Responsibly

What did you want to discover? FIT4RRI aims to improve the learning opportunities with respect to Responsible Research & Innovation and Open Science. The term „Responsible Research & Innovation“ has been used by the European Commission for about a decade. There are obstacles that are related to the (non-)existing awareness of RRI and Open Science concepts. RRI and Open Science share the core values of openness, inclusion and democracy. Four of the twelve FIT4RRI partner institutions have integrated RRI and Open Science practices into a local project or implemented them in institutional frameworks.

(Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science)

8 On-device Supermarket Product Recognition

The development of on-device models such as MnasNet and MobileNets (based on resource-aware architecture search) in combination with on-device indexing allows one to run a full computer vision system, such as labeled product recognition, entirely on-device, in real time. However, this means that for a product recognition system to be truly useful to the users, it must have a on-device database with good product coverage. When the user aims their smartphone camera at the product, Lookout identifies it and speaks aloud the brand name and product size. The resulting architecture is efficient enough to run in real-time entirely on-device. Why On-Device? A completely on-device system has the benefit of being low latency and with no reliance on network connectivity.

(Google AI Blog)

9 Modern Business Models Will Drive the Post-Pandemic World

Legacy Business Models In times of disruption, modern business models prove more resilient than legacy business models based on the change in total return price. ![Comparing the Resilience of Modern vs. Legacy Business Models”), we found that SaaS, marketplace, and modern business models have proved to be more resilient than their legacy business model counterparts in times of disruption. #### Comparing the Resilience of Modern vs. What gives MBMs absolute advantage over traditional and SaaS business models is that MBMs actually become stronger as they get bigger. A marketplace that delivers offers from sellers and suppliers to meet customers’ needs. 3. Another way of saying it: Failing to prepare your business for success in today’s modern environment is preparing to fail.

(MIT Sloan Management Review)

10 New academic journal only publishes ‘unsurprising’ research rejected by others

The mission is simple: only publish research with findings that are boring. Researchers at the University of Canterbury hope the journal will help fight ‘a publication bias’. The journal can be found here.


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