Radical Open Innovation News week 23-2018

Welcome to our weekly selection of digital innovation news. Based on our opinionated token based selection algorithm we present some top innovation news to get you thinking, debating and collaboration on making our world better.

1 Can Machines Design? An Artificial General Intelligence Approach.

Finally, we sketch out a specific version of the design G\”odel machine which specifically aims at the design of complex software and hardware systems. Future work could be the development of a more formal version of the Design G\”odel machine and a potential implementation.

Can machines design? The design G\”odel machine is able to improve its initial design program, once it has proven that a modification would increase its return on the utility function. We call this machine a design G\”odel machine.


2 The story behind Microsoft earnings: Our customers’ digital innovation

The post The story behind Microsoft earnings: Our customers’ digital innovation appeared first on The Official Microsoft Blog.

In addition to Power BI and Microsoft 365, Goldcorp selected Surface Pro for miners to use in the mines because the devices are fan-less. Specifically, Coca-Cola is using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure to simplify its architecture, drive automation, deliver technology updates with less disruption, improve employee experiences and deliver proactive threat- protection. Today, Microsoft announced its third-quarter earnings, including commercial cloud revenue of $6 billion, up 58 percent from last year. Taken together, these ambitions are the very definition of digital innovation and transformation, and here at Microsoft we are proud to serve as a trusted partner committed to helping organizations realize these ambitions.


3 Industrial customers and partners bet on Microsoft, from cloud to edge devices

The post Industrial customers and partners bet on Microsoft, from cloud to edge devices appeared first on The Official Microsoft Blog.

Thanks to the explosive expansion of Industrial IoT, digital twins have become cost-effective to implement and are helping companies head off problems before they even occur. The preview of MindSphere for Microsoft Azure is available for select customers and partners, and will follow a continuous development and deployment model. Partners are not only an important part of a complex Industrial IoT ecosystem, they are critical to how we do business. Visit the the Digital Difference site for more information about Microsoft and its customers’ and partners’ presence at Hannover Messe 2018.


4 Software-Defined Infrastructure at Uber

“The magic of the Uber app today is powered by a highly distributed software architecture,’’ says Uber’s Justin Dustzadeh. The only way for Uber to deliver the required level of network performance and availability is through software and automation, said Justin Dustzadeh, the head of global network and software platform at Uber. In terms of real-life examples, he said they use software to automate many areas, from delivering forecasting models to doing capacity planning, provisioning infrastructure and managing all the changes that IT performs. At Uber, a key enabler is to build real-time or near real-time visibility into the infrastructure state, and then leveraging that information and augment it with additional insights from analytics and machine learning, Dustzadeh said.

(Linux Foundation)

5 International comparison of active citizenship by using Twitter data, the case of England and the Netherlands

Can social media become the new data source for certain social indicators? This research analyzes the potential of Twitter data to obtain indicators of active citizenship. Collecting and analyzing Twitter data is also faster than traditional survey processes. What does social media offer in comparison with classical sources for official statistics? Twitter data offers an advantage to assess change in active citizenship over time and at high spatial resolution, while survey data — traditional sources for official statistics — are more authoritative and robust.

(First Monday)

6 What are the Least Essential Skills in the AI Future?

Around the world, the workforce is gearing up for a future of robots and artificial intelligence.

(Institute for the Future)

7 PostgreSQL Domain Integrity In Depth

It does require caution: don’t over-specify a domain or field in any way that would prevent users from entering a valid real-life domain value. SQL has many features to protect data, and domain integrity constraints are one of the most fundamental. However the problem is technically best thought of as referential integrity rather than domain integrity, and usually best enforced with foreign keys and a reference table.

( Joe “begriffs” Nelson)

8 Try Before You Buy: How to Design Information Systems to Enhance Consumer Willingness to Test Sustainable Innovations

This paper provides insight on how sustainable innovation testing affects consumer mindsets and which barriers consumers face when considering testing a sustainable innovation. More and more business organizations recognize the relevance of sustainable innovations as driving factor for their corporate strategies, products and processes. Insights about the nature of consumer’s willingness to test are extracted and recommendations for the design and use of information systems as facilitators for testing sustainable innovations are derived.

But while the concept of sustainability is generally ratified by employees and consumers, their willingness to actually use or buy such innovations can be low. One of the most important facilitators for the adoption of innovations is self-experience generated by testing the innovation.

(Journal of Technology and management)

9 The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache® Traffic Control™ as a Top- Level Project

Traffic Control is a CDN control plane originally built around Apache Traffic Server as the caching software.  As an active contributor to Traffic Control, Cisco is very excited to continue incorporating Traffic Control into its Open Media Distribution offering for Service Provider video distribution solutions.”

(Apache Foundation)

10 Advancing the future of society with AI and the intelligent edge

If AI is the heart of how we can advance society, the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge are the backbone.  Project Kinect for Azure brings together this leading hardware technology with Azure AI to empower developers with new scenarios for working with ambient intelligence. It includes grants, technology and AI expertise to accelerate the development of accessible and intelligent AI solutions and builds on recent advancements in Azure Cognitive Services to help developers create intelligent apps that can empower people with hearing, vision and other disabilities. Project Brainwave makes Azure the fastest cloud to run real-time AI today.


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