Radical Open Innovation News week 14-2020

Welcome to our biweekly selection of business IT innovation news. Created using our own opinionated selection and summary algorithm. We present some top innovation news items to get you thinking, debating and take action in order to make our world better.

1 Stagnation and Scientific Incentives

New ideas no longer fuel economic growth the way they once did. A popular explanation for stagnation is that good ideas are harder to find, rendering slowdown inevitable. We present a simple model of the lifecycle of scientific ideas that points to changes in scientist incentives as the cause of scientific stagnation.


2 Consult different news sources so you don’t get caught in the filter bubble

According to the results of the study, we should consult different sources if we want to obtain truthful and objective information and not get stuck in the bubble filter. When we put a certain TV channel, we are making a decision about which information filter we want to use. This personalization of pre- selected and implicit information from the Internet is called “bubble filter”. There are a number of factors that influence the existence of the bubble filter such as personality, demographic variables (age and gender) and ideology. Despite the above, the choice of media is wide variable and this allows people to access a variety of media and information sources that offer different perspectives.

(Mapping Ignorance)

3 Tracking Automotive’s Rapidly Shifting Ecosystem

The automotive ecosystem is becoming much harder to navigate as automakers, Tier 1s and IP vendors redefine their relationships based upon shifting value caused by an rapidly expanding amount of increasingly interdependent and complex electronic content. It’s about the whole experience, which is enabled by democratization of these architectures within the OEMs ecosystem, whereby each OEM has its own approach, while all heading in roughly the same direction. “The trust relationship all the way through the ecosystem, from the OEM down through Tier 2s and the IP suppliers, hasn’t been the best.

(Semiconductor Engineering)

4 Does Spotify Backstage make development simpler?

Spotify Backstage. Spotify Backstage is a FOSS product developed at Spotify. So it is questionable how easy this product can be tuned for use in another business context. * The exact capabilities of the Spotify Backstage product are not very explicit and clear. The Spotify Backstage product is not a simple solution for a common complex problem all large organisations have. With this FOSS release of Backstage everyone can now take advantage of this solution as used by Spotify.


5 Signaling as a Service

In order to get your signal message across to other people you need some form of signal distribution. The obvious constraint here is that your signal distribution is limited to things you can display in public. Eugene Wei calls these amplifiers Proof of Work: Almost every social network of note had an early signature proof of work hurdle. The answer, again, is signaling: Education helps with credentialing and signaling to potential employers. This is why social networks are free to use – in order to maximize their signaling potential they need to acquire as many users as possible.


6 Cognitive Biases in Software Development

The more software development grows — the more it becomes dependant not only on the algorithms, data, and hardware but also on soft skills, teamwork, and communication. In today’s software development ecosystem, there are tools for 99% of the problems you will encounter. And, as in any other professional area, software development is full of specific behavioral patterns.


7 How to resolve a conflict when both sides are right

Once we find enough reasons, we conclude that we’re right and everyone else is wrong.The intuitive approach is to debate the ideas.


8 Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing

The PEPP-PT mechanisms will have these core features: ​ Well- tested and established procedures for proximity measurement on popular mobile operating systems and devices. PEPP-PT was created to provide a solution to this crisis that adheres to strong European privacy and data protection laws and principles. We build on well-tested, fully implemented proximity measurement and scalable backend service. As the formal organization is not yet established, we cannot yet provide links for making a donation or for downloading the guidelines for a donation. Our goal is to make this technology available to all countries, managers of infectious disease responses, and developers as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


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