Open Source Business Models – status 2010

eyeHow do companies earn money from open source software? This question is not new, however the: ways,amounts and opportunities

have changes dramatically since the economic melt down. This report gives insight in what OSS business models are successful now and what models will stay that in the future.

Open Source Software is hot with a continuous increasing market share. Besides better working (!) alternatives for commercial software, today Open Source Software (OSS) is also ‘big’ business.


  • The number of successful OSS business models is limited;
  • Individuals and (big) companies can successfully embrace one of the OSS business models.
  • Avoid OSS software that is not built around an open OSS business model. Many companies advertise with OSS, but are in fact offering commercial software. A limited half working demo version is advertised as the OSS version. Be aware!

The full report can be found on slideshare.